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Dear comrades,

The communitarian militants of the PCN-NCP and the anti-imperialist militants of “THE PEOPLES’ CAUSE” salute you.

The idea of the unification of the Eurasist forces, beyond the differences in territory, language and religion, is not a new one. But, facing the collapse of the Soviet Union and the negative effects of division and disagreement due to the dissolvers of the « US global policy », it appears to be a means of resistance and action against America’s New World Order and its supporters, who want to impose their law everywhere and who endanger peoples and nations.

Since fourteen years, We want to widen this discussion by giving it a geographic dimension that is larger and more decisive. Our main point is that the area of our action goes from Vladivostok to Reykjavik. This is why we actively support all the Eurasian forces, that would gather the forces of the East and of the West driven by a common national-patriotic spirit, and  participating in the common fight for the cause of our brother peoples.

We speak of a common fight because everywhere, from the banks of the Atlantic to the confines of the Oussouri, the enemy is the same : Yankee new colonialism, its « New World Order » and its military force : NATO. Hollywood, MacDonald’s, Coca-Cola, all of the American scum is bringing us down to a stupid world.

Our fight is also a direct support of the pan-russian idea.

In Western Europe, all  governments, all politicians are submitted to Washington.

The time is far away when the great General De Gaulle lived. France has joined NATO.

Only Russia, even though it has been divided since 1991, even though it has weakened, still has the demographic, geographic and human resources to give Europe an alternative to the « New World Order ». For Russia, just as before when it was called the Soviet Union, is the last free and independent country in Europe.

We believe in the Russian mission in Europe in the twenty-first century.

But, even though we stand on your side for logical reasons, which are these of all European patriots, we are also Eurasists for ideological reasons. Because the Russian mission in Europe is not only political ; it is social, as Nicholas Berdiaev stated : « The mission of the Russian people is to carry out social justice within the human society, not only in Russia, but throughout the world », he wrote.

But men do not live out of ideas, they also need a dream. And the heart has to answer the brain. We are also Eurasists because we share your dream, always revisited since the fall of Constantinople, the second Rome. Yes, your dream is also our dream.

For the Europe we fight for, the great and free Europe, from Vladivostok to Reykjavik, will indeed be the fourth Rome !

Facing new-Carthage like America, the European Empire can only be a new Rome.

With Moscow as a capital. Why not !


President of PCN-NCP.

Service de presse : (18/11/03 - 23h00 GMT) 


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