(MARCH 30' 2010)




Vladimir Putin does not have to look far the accomplices of the perpetrators of violent attacks that hit Russia. They are in Washington, Brussels, London, Paris and Vilnius... Where was hosted the website of the Islamist gang who had already struck in Beslan in September 2004.

Among these accomplices we find on the first level the French intellectuals and European media saying that the Chechen terrorists are the "resistance fighters" and their accomplices "martyrs." Like the renegade Litvinov who was busy arming the Caucasian terrorists of the Basayev gang, on behalf of the oligarch Berezovsky, protected by London and the Mi6, the man who openly admits to "prepare a coup" against the Russian National government.

There are also American and British secret services, who after leading on the verge of power the Afghan Islamists against the secular pro-Soviet Afghan Regime in the years 1979-90, then the Taliban who are a creation of the CIA and its Pakistani allies - and also the Bosnian and Kosovar Islamists against Yugoslavia in the Years 1992-2000, support, fund and organize the Caucasian Islamists against Russia in the framework of the geopolitical "great game" in the Caucasus and Black Sea.

Decidedly the sorcerer's apprentices of the State Department, the Pentagon and Langley have learned nothing since they have build "Al Qeida" against the Soviets!

Instead of solidarity which should support our Russian brothers, these attacks are an..opportunity, particularly in Brussels and Paris, of a new wave of Russophobia. Which is trying to justify the actions of Islamists and morally overwhelm the Russian government, architect of the national recovery. Forgetting that the autonomous republics of the Caucasus are integral parts of the Russian Federation.

The palm of ignominy in this case returns to Belgian television channel RTL-TVI, which the Moscow correspondant, at the 7 o’clock news of March’ 29, justified without having to spell things out the Chechen terrorists, "who merely revenge for what they suffer”. Ironically, the same TV news in the same bulletin stigmatized otherwise the Afghan Islamists at the nth trial in Brussels of the widow of one of the executors of Commander Massud, who has become an "icon of Djiadism”.

So there are good terrorists, those who fight against the Greater Europe in the Caucasus or in the Balkans yesterday. And bad terrorists, those who fight the U.S. Army and its colonial troops of NATO!

Curious moral standards with one rule for some and another for the rest, typical of the West's hypocrisy ...

These are the same professional double talk and double dealing which then feign surprise that the new Russian military doctrine, expounded by President Medvedev few weeks ago, does, quite legitimately, of NATO “the main threat against Russia”.

The PCN-NCP offers its sincere condolences to all those who have suffered from this act of horror, cowardice and injustice. Total solidarity with our Russian brothers!


European Political Board of PCN-NCP.

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