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(JUNE 04, 2004)

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Our special vote instructions: 
Whom to vote for in Belgium - Cyprus - Estonia - France
Greece - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Slovakia. 
Our instruction of revolutionary abstention
in all the other countries of the European Union and its reasons.

For the European Communitarianists (1) of the PCN-NCP, politics is not based on the old   right wing and left wing scene, with its false splittings, where the two wrongfully opposite camps make the same policy. 

We divide the European political world into three camps: 

- That of the System and its hegemon – the American Party – which goes from the extreme right wing to the extreme left wing and includes all those which accept Yankee colonization in Europe;

- the populist, regionalistic or nationalist parties, which refuse the System but defend  narrow or outmoded conceptions, and which for us, according to the cases, can be provisional adversaries or tactical allies;

- Finally the Party of the Resistance – which is also that of free Europe –,  whose PCN-NCP wants to be the avant-garde and which includes all the anti-American and anti-Zionist forces, and for which the PCN-NCP recommends a strategic policy of united Front. 

Our vision of the European elections thus rests on this analysis.

Let us make a digression on the current withdrawal of the PCN-NCP from the bourgeois elections. Since our foundation in 1984, and until 2000, the PCN took part in all the elections in Belgium – where our Party was born – and in several elections in France since 1994. Between 1996 and 1999, the PCN also had parliamentary experience in Belgium, where elected members represented our party at the Walloon Parliament, at the Parliament of the French Community of Belgium and at the provincial Council of Hainaut.

In 2000, we chose to make a pause and to devote our means and our forces to the development of our European network (the PCN-NCP is present in 7 European countries and conducts campaigns in all the European Union and at the international level), of our  media group, and of an anti-imperialist unitary structure, present in Europe, Africa and Latin America, the transnational Association "the Peoples’Cause ".

One of the reasons which led us to this – provisional – choice, has been for two decades the regression of political freedoms everywhere in Europe, the amendments of the electoral legislations to prevent the emergence of the new ideological minorities and the censure which strikes them and aims at choking their votes. An alternative formation stands for elections to have elected members – what became impossible in the majority of the European countries  – to benefit from a platform – what the censure makes inoperative. Neither one nor the other being possible, the only policy for a revolutionary Party like the PCN-NCP, is the revolutionary abstention – except where friends or allies stand themselves, or still where tactical or strategic choices exist – and  the construction of a force of extra-parliamentary opposition.

The PCN-NCP thus calls its members, sympathizers, fellow travellers, contacts or readers of our media, in the whole of the European Union - except Belgium - Cyprus - Estonia - France - Greece - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Slovakia for the revolutionary abstention. Not a vote for the Parties of the Americanized system. Not a vote especially for the false opposition formations , at the far right wing or farleft wing, whose only function is to hold back and channel discontent at the profit of the System.

Let us come then to the countries where the PCN-NCP invites to vote for friendly formations, or according to specific choices resulting from local situations.

In Belgium (2) : 

The PCN makes a tactical choice, which is to support the bursting and the destruction of the Belgian entity. The Belgian State has been indeed for 4 decades our enemy and never spared the measures, in particular police measures, to try to crush us. During our parliamentary experiment of 1996-99, the Belgian regime has particularly, and with the assistance of the extreme right wing, conducted a vile campaign against the PCN. We are not those who offer the left cheek when one strikes them the right cheek !

In addition, the destruction of the Belgian State will lead to two situations that the PCN expects :

        - on the one hand a chaotic period which will favour a radical and republican Party like ours,

        - on the other hand the incorporation  into France of the French Community of Belgium   (Wallonia and Brussels) which will give to France – motor of independent Europe since De Gaulle – an increased weight in the European Union.

The PCN-NCP thus invites to vote for radical republican formations, apart from their ideological programs, which we do not share :

        - At the European elections, in Wallonia and in Brussels, for the RWF ("Rassemblement Wallonie-France"), in Flanders for  "Vlaams Blok";

        - At the regional elections of June 13 which are organized in Belgium at the same time: in Wallonia for the RWF ("Rassemblement Wallonie-France"), in Flanders for "Vlaams Blok", in Brussels – where this vote is capital because it can lead to a blocking of the regional institutions, first step towards the destruction of the Belgian federal State (2) – for "Vlaams Blok".

In Cyprus :

We invite to vote for the Party of the President of the Republic Tassos Papadopoulos,  "Dimokratiko Komma" (DIKO – Democratic Party).

New bête noire of NATO and the American Party, Papadopoulos was an active officer of the fight against British colonialism. Convinced pro-Serb, he was bound to President Milosevic and helped to fight the embargo striking Belgrade since 1991. Troubled by the so-called “International Criminal Tribunal” of the Hague (3), Papadopoulos is on the black lists of Washington. These choices, which are those of the PCN, call our support.

In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – three Baltic States – :

Our concern is the discrimination of the civil and political rights of the Russian minorities, inadmissible shame in Europe which wants to be democratic. Discrimination which plunges in the fascistic and anticommunist roots of the Thirties of the three Baltic regimes (where one honours, with the complicity of NATO and the silence of Brussels, former Baltic SS!). Russophile (4), the PCN-NCP conducted several international campaigns for the defense of the Russians of the Baltic States, particularly in Latvia, where the President of the PCN has family ties in the Russian Community of Riga.

The PCN-NCP thus invites to vote for the lists which support the rights of the Russian minorities and fight the Baltic regimes neofascism.

In Latvia in particular, the PCN-NCP invites to vote for  the "Socialist Party of Latvia".

In France :

The PCN calls everywhere, except in the Ile de France (Paris), for the republican abstention : not a vote, especially for the false opposition parties which are the "Front National", the "margarine Communists" (as Stalin called them) of the PCF or the trotskist extreme left wing, electoral swindles.

In Paris and in Ile de  France, the PCN invites to vote for the "Euro-Palestine" list, which openly fights the American-Zionist Axis – according to the term we have used for 4 decades – and for the rights of the Palestinians and Iraqi Resistance. Supporter of a Euro-Arab alliance, support of always of Palestinian resistance – that our organization has supported since 1965 (5) –, of ba'athist Iraq and Iraqi Resistance, the PCN sees in the "Euro-Palestine" list, attacked from all sides by the Zionists, the same fight as ours.

Let us add that the PCN always put forward on its election lists, candidates of Arab and African extraction, in particular putting forward the first Arab and African chief candidates in Belgium, and that the approach of the "Euro-Palestine" list thus joins there ours too (6).

In Greece :

The PCN-NCP invites to vote for  the KKE, the "Greek Communist Party", whose fight against NATO, the USA, for Serb, Palestinian or Iraqi resistances are also ours.

In Poland :

The PCN-NCP invites to vote for the movement of the popular national left wing  "Samobroona" (Self-defence), where we count many friends, who take part in our international activities within the transnational Association "the Peoples’ Cause". Opposed to NATO, member of the black list of the American Party and Washington, "Samobroona" has all our sympathy.

Let us add – and we say it as a supporter since 1962 of Greater Europe integrating Eastern Europe and Russia – that the PCN-NCP shares with "Samobroona" the refusal of Western neo-colonialism in the East which the extension of NATO and the European Union dissimulates badly.

Finally in Slovakia :

We invite to vote for the "Hnuti za Demokraticka Slovenska" (HZDS - Movement for democratic Slovakia) of Vladimir Meciar or for the "Komunistická Strana Slovenska" (KSS - Slovak Communist Party).

Meciar is another member of the black list of NATO, Washington and their European stooges. His electoral successes destabilize the American Party.

As for the KSS, its fight against NATO, the USA, for Serb, Palestinian or Iraqi resistances join that of the PCN-NCP.



(1) The "European Communitarianism" which is the doctrine of our Organization since 1962 and refers to the European Community has nothing to do with the American "communitarianism", which is posterior, and has improperly borrowed its name from it. The American "communitarianism" rests on the egoistic withdrawal into ethnic or denominational communities. Our "European Communitarianism" is unitary, agregator and Pan-European : it aims at only one national community, Greater Europe from Vladivostok to Reykjavik and from Quebec to the Sahara.

(2) For longer developments on our positions in Belgium, read the statement of the PCN Regional Secretariat Wallonia-Brussels.

(3) On the ICT,  consult the site :

(4) On the PCN pro-Russian positions : read our intervention at the Pan-Slavic Congress of Moscow 2001.

(5) Roger Coudroy, the first European fallen in action in occupied Palestine in the Fatah ranks  in 1967, belonged to our transnational Organization, which was called then the PCE (Parti Communautaire Européen).

(6) For longer developments on our positions in France, read the Statement of the PCN administrative Leadership in France and of the PCN Regional Secretariat Paris/Ile-de-France.

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