(SEPTEMBER 12, 2003)





To all revolutionary internationalists, anti-imperialists, and progressive people of the world :

Today, in the womb of this ugly imperialist-dominated world, a new society is being born in the Himalayas, in the countryside of Nepal. In this new society the poorest of the poor on Earth hold political power and are beginning to determine themselves what should happen to the fruits of their land and labour. The People’s War that has given birth to this miracle is being led by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). The old feudal state of Nepal, which is dependent on the imperialist powers, especially the US imperialists, and is protected by the oppressive and expansionist state of India, is resisting its doom and lashing out at this new people’s state. The leaders of this struggle are special targets of attack by the reactionary feudal kingdom of Nepal and its guardians, and recently the state of India captured a prominent leader of the struggle in Nepal, comrade Gaurav.

Comrade Gaurav, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPN(M), was picked up by the Indian authorities on 20 August 2003 while attempting to leave that country and travel to Europe in order to carry out his revolutionary tasks. This is a serious act of aggression against the people of Nepal and our whole Movement. For the moment, the Indian authorities have charged him with carrying a false passport. This kind of charge, even if true, is normally dealt with very lightly and in a matter of less than 24 hours. In this case, however, the Indian authorities know that they have a prominent revolutionary leader in their hands and so have dragged the case out for weeks without releasing him. The reactionary kingdom of Nepal has officially decided to demand the extradition of comrade Gaurav. It is clear that the Indian and Nepalese authorities are conspiring against him.

Therefore, we ask all revolutionary internationalists and anti-imperialist forces, all progressive intellectuals, artists, lawyers and others, to intervene and prevent the Indian and Nepali states from committing this crime against the people of Nepal and the peoples of the world.

The danger comrade Gaurav faces has heightened now that the seven-month ceasefire between the revolutionary forces and the monarchy has come to an end. The fact that the royal government of Nepal murdered Maoist revolutionaries even while it sat at the negotiating table with the CPN(M) and signed agreements for a ceasefire with it, the fact that it used the ceasefire period to import weapons and had US military advisors train Royal Army soldiers to be unleashed against the revolutionaries, gives just a glimpse of the reactionary nature of this state and its foreign guardians. The royal government and its backers abroad are not willing to see the people take political power in any form. They would rather drench the country in blood and ruin Nepal than accept the Nepalese people as rulers of their own land. Arresting, disappearing and killing the leaders of these masses is part and parcel of exactly this policy.

The US government, which is intent on crushing any opposition to its global domination, especially a genuine people’s struggle, has not hesitated to put the CPN(M) on its “terrorist” list. Revolutionary and progressive-minded people must oppose the imperialists’ and reactionaries’ attempts to label the people’s struggle for liberation as “terrorism” and must prevent them from harming the people’s leaders. Supporting the leaders of the Nepalese people means supporting their right to struggle to seize power and emancipate themselves from centuries-old poverty and subjugation.

We urgently call on all parties and organisationst, all d revolutionaries, progressive forces and peoples around the world to come to the defence of comrade Gaurav, fight his extradition and demand his immediate freedom.

        For further information, write:

        BCM RIM, London WC1N 3XX, UK

        or see the web site:

Protest letters could point out that the India-Nepal extradition treaty excludes the handing over of political detainees and that the way the Indian authorities have singled out Chandra Prakash Gajurel amounts to illegal political repression. Copies should be sent to Amnesty International’s (marked attention of Nepal section) and other relevant human rights groups and progressive organisations, as well as the WPRM, to build public opinion.

Please use the legal name Chandra Prakash Gajurel (and not “Comrade Gaurav”) in statements demanding a halt to the extradition and his release.

They can be sent to the following (note that the country code for India is 91 and that you do not dial the initial 0 in a city code when composing international phone numbers; for instance, drop the 0 in the Delhi code of 011 and dial only 11) :

        Ministry of Law & Justice, 4th Floor, A-Wing, Shastri Bhavan New Delhi, India - 110 001. 
        Phone: (011) 23387557, 23384777, 23384617 / Fax : (011) 23384241, 23387259, 23382733

        The Prime Minister's Office, South Block, Raisina Hill, New Delhi, India -110 011. 
        Telephone: (011) 3012312. Fax: (011) 3019545 / 3016857. 
        For e-mail go to the web address:

        Or to any Indian Mission abroad. 
        reading it please see the web site:

Spread the word in every way possible. Post your own letters, the PCN-NCP statement ment and other information on Web sites, discussion forums, etc.

Organise lawyers, legal professionals, well-known progressive political figures and intellectuals and others, to send delegations to local Indian embassies to press for these demands.

Go to progressive and professional organisations and unions and community groups, including from the Nepalese and Indian communities abroad, and ask them to express support and take action.

It is essential to act quickly as the case is scheduled to be heard on 18 September.


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