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Message of support from PCN-NCP
to the "Arab Democratic Revolutionary 
Dialogue Forum" (Tripoli)


End of August was held in Paris the “4th Summer University for green, pacifist and alternative movements”.

This meeting of opponents to the New World Order and resolute partisans of the Peoples’ Cause saw the whole participants (including political leaders, intellectuals, journalists and other leaders of opinion, representatives of a large alternative movement coming from Europe and Africa) express a common preoccupation : the necessity of a united quadricontinental Front against imperialism and exploitation and for the peoples’ Cause, organized in the respect of specificities and cultures of each. And a committed support to States, peoples and movements being in first line of the front : Libya, Belarus, Popular Republic of Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, Palestinian and Iraqi resistances…

It is in this setting of international solidarity, more that ever necessary, that the PCN-NCP addresses its cordial congratulations and express concrete militant support to the “Arab Democratic Revolutionary Dialogue Forum” that meets this August 28  in Tripoli (Libya). 

In presence of the hero of the Algerian Revolution, Ahmed Ben Bella, the Forum speak about the present Arabian situation under the angle of the legitimate support to the Iraqi and Palestinian Resistances against the Americano-Zionist work.

The PCN-NCP is pleased to see that from the two sides of the Mediterranean Sea, this sea that must unite us, the progressive forces share the same preoccupations and the same desire to live freely and worthily while refusing the imperialistic and neo-colonialist exploitation.

The Peoples’ Cause is in march !


Press Service : (08/28/03 - 06h00 PM GMT) 


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