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Michel Aflak, founder of the Ba'ath (1966):  

"It is thus the struggle that was at the  origin of the conception of the Party… The  Ba'ath Party, for its part, has known the struggle since its birth. The generation that founded it delivered a battle."  

Michel Aflak (1969):  

"The role of the vanguard is to go up to the first lines and to offer itself in sacrifice. Masses will awaken as the vanguard will progress". 

"If the Party gives proofs of its extraordinary vim and its capacity of renewal and survival, it is because this Party is bound to the conscience of the Arab Nation,  which it gets from its strength to rise, to renew itself and to hold its own, as well as it leaned on its sufferings, its desires and its fundamental rights".  

Saddam Hussein (1973): 

"Iraq cannot preserve its glory and the honor of its earth without the Arab Ba'ath Socialist Party  , no one will be able to achieve the dream to recover the glory of the first forefathers without the Ba'ath Party".  


Militants of the Ba'ath, whose faith and courage cannot be contested  , have given since the Forties several generations of heroes and martyrs and were never avaricious of their blood. Our ba'athist comrades knew executions, murders,  clandestinity, exile, treasons,  torture and jails. To start with Saddam Hussein and the leading team of Iraq, who organize the resistance to the imperialistic aggression. 

Taha Yassin Ramadan, leader of the “People's Army”, an important ba'athist paramilitary  formation  , who has rank of vice-president and who already survived to numerous tentatives of murder, had declared some days before the conflict: " the American threats don't scare us  ". It was not about swaggering. Leaders of the Ba'ath are not hardly impressionable. 

The Ba'ath faces again today its destiny. According to the ba'athist ethics: weapons in  the hands and without retreating !  And on all fronts its executives and its militants are worthy of the sacrifices of their predecessors. The Ba'ath finds a new legitimacy there within the Arab masses. Either in the reconstruction of Iraq or in the clandestinity of the national Resistance, according to the fate of weapons, we know that our comrades will be tomorrow there where they were always: in the vanguard! 

The PCN-NCP pays therefore tribute  to the sacrifice of the Iraqi Ba'athists. Our comrades are an example for all those who refuse to live on their knees in front of American-Zionist imperialism  and  neocolonialism. Yes  Resistance is always possible! 

The PCN-NCP renews, in the good as in the bad days, its total support to the Arab Ba'ath Socialist  Party   and to its secretary-general Saddam Hussein. 



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