(MARCH 12, 2003)




After a period of Djinjdjic’s dictatorial rule in which the constitutional, legal and moral norms have been blatantly violated in the interest of Western capital, an attempt to formally impose a fascist dictatorship in Serbia has been made today.

The country appears without President, Prime Minister, Federal Authorities and any democratic legitimacy of the remaining rulers.

A string has been pulled and after the formal proposal from the Government of Serbia (without Prime Minister), “Acting President” of Serbia Natasa Micic has signed a decree to impose the State of Emergency (Martial Law).

So, a bunch of gangsters from Djindjic’s government under orders of their foreign masters is trying to bring the Sixth of October with a two-and-a-half years delay and to start a head-hunt in Serbia.

No people deserve to be under the unlimited rule of criminals.

I don’t recommend them to try to press Serbian people nor to further violate its freedom and democracy.

They should go.

None foreign force should try to back illegitimate Serbian rulers. The scenario of full occupation of Serbia will never be realized. It is high time to end the puppet show in our country. No one is authorized to impose nor to kill puppet rulers here.

In spite of the severest hardship, the country was completely calm after Djindjic’s assassination. We can not allow dictatorial power in the hands of those who are most responsible for the hardship.

The people of Serbia is more than mature and able to determine its future peacefully.

None is above the will of the people.

Democracy can be based only on the will of the people.

Freedom for Serbia !

Until victory !


Vladimir Krsljanin

Foreign Relations Assistant to President Milosevic

Belgrade, March 12, 2003


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