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NCP-Info of December 18, 2010


Against the war of civilizations, for the dialogue of cultures.
For a new National-European culture within the dialogue of cultures.




The imperial peoples do not seek their roots, they do not cultivate patriotism of the cemeteries ( which led to the mass suicide of Europe in 1914). Imperial peoples fight for their destiny, they build states and civilizations. I belong to an imperial culture, that of the Roman Empire.

My mother tongue, Latin, is the one stemming from the Empire. My ideological and philosophical ancestors built the Acropolis and the Caesars’ Rome, Alexandria and Byzantium, Moscow of the Third Rome and the Paris of the Jacobin Great Nation.

I'm not afraid of minarets, no more than of church towers!

This fear is that of cowards and powerless people, of small-minded nationalism and of micro-regionalism frightened by their smallness and their mediocrity. That of Bush and Bin Laden, of the losers of far right and of their Islamic or Zionist twins.

My homeland is the Greater Europe from Vladivostok to Reykjavik and from Quebec to the Sahara. My homeland is of yesterday when called the Imperium Romanum, and of tomorrow. As my compatriot Alexis Curvers said, “I am a citizen of the Roman Empire.”

What the European People would be afraid of ? We are one billion from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from the mouth of the St. Lawrence to the shores of the Mediterranean, our Mare Nostrum.

 I believe in the creative force of great cultures, not in the sterile war of civilizations. The only cultural war that concerns me is that imposed upon me by the Yankee anti-civilization with its excrement and vomit, made in Hollywood or made in McDo.

At Leptis Magna or Douros Europa, I still hear the voice of the Caesars. In Cordoba or in Granada where I know they taught Greco-Roman science and philosophy. As in Franco-Arab Sicily of Emperor Frederick II, “the first European in my taste”, says Nietzsche. And in Istanbul, a city twice Imperial, “2010 European Capital of Culture”, in this Kemalist Turkey, which has its roots in the Jacobin Great Nation, I see taking form the same European culture as in Paris, Moscow or Berlin.

Europe is not geographical or ethnic. As once the Roman Empire, it is a machine to make Europeans with the barbarians of the margins of yesterday. Mazzini rightly said that “Europe was a marching fighting community.”

The All-Russian State, mutli-ethnic and multi-religious (such as is its historical vocation), rebuilt by the “Siloviki”, which is a strong state, and whose Interior Minister’s name is Rashid Nurgaliyev, is not afraid either of minarets!

“Russia is a multiethnic state, and that is precisely what makes its strength. Those who torpedo these foundations of the state, whatever they say, destabilize undoubtedly the country”, said Putin (*) .

Only the weakness of European Western regimes (**), Yankee colonies castrated by NATO, which have dropped since six decades their sovereign functions for Washington, allows the insolent swagger of radical Islamic minorities, their hijacking of the Muslims of both shores of the Mediterranean and their exploitation by Yankee imperialism.


President of PCN-NCP.

(*) Russia: Putin calls for interfaith peace, File: Putin live with the Russians (2010), RIA Novosti, December 16, 2010, in French on:

(**) The same states tolerate in parallel to Islamism the emergence of racism and xenophobia in the EU political space, twin obscenity of radical Islamism, creating the conditions for civil war. Here too, the new Russian regime shares the vision which is ours since the early 80's: the use of racism and xenophobia is no longer free expression but is a crime under the penal code.

For Rachid Nurgaliev, the Russian Minister of the Interior, referring to the far-right small groups and hooligans clubs who recently organized rioting in Moscow: “According to the Russian Ministry of Interior, 50 extremist groups operate on Russian territory. The members of these informal organizations are advocating the cult of nationalism, racial superiority and put their ideology into practice through criminal violence.” According to him, the assimilation of the wrongdoing of these informal groups to the overall crime is their main characteristic.

These words echo those of Jean Thiriart assimilating in the 80's racism and xenophobia with a crime against the security of the European state: “Indeed, there is the problem of Turkish immigrants in the communes of Brussels. But it is a social problem. The authors of the aforementioned press campaigns are proving to be politicians of sub-prefecture, they rejoice openly themselves with  the title of "Europeans" without even knowing what is Europe (...) We must  condemn with the utmost severity any anti-Italian German nationalist literature and all the anti-Turkish Belgian nationalist literature. This is sentimentality and xenophobia dangerous for the political unity of Europe (...) Europe will include Turks, Malteses, Sicilians, Andalusians, Crimean Tatars – there are still some - Afghans . For the simple fact that Europe can not exist in a liveable way without owning and controling the territories inhabited by these peoples” (1983).

In 1987, THIRIART added that “It is clear that the construction of the Euro-Soviet Empire should be done in a pure political framework and that this construction requires absolutely ruthless eradication of any anti-Turkish, anti- Arab racism. It is anti-racism for REASONS OF STATE . In the greater-European construction, that of the Euro-Soviet Empire, racism is an offence against State Security. For Luc MICHEL, as for me, geopolitics is the start of logical reasoning to construct a nation-state and not just an argument of pedantic rhetoric. We are anti-racist for the sake of political clarity, and not for political advertising as with the pathological exhibitionists of LICRA and other furious (...) Anti-Turkish racism, anti-Arab racism, we condemn them in the essential and primordial condition of secular Turks and secular Arabs. Luc MICHEL and I have no love for Islamism, no tolerance or patience, you might say.”

The position of the new Russian regime also joins that of PCN-NCP, which advocates, in the 90's as today and for the same reasons “the ban of the French and Belgian Front National and neo-Nazi small groups”.


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