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NCP-Info of April 25, 2005


1975-2005 :


On April 30, 1975, the tanks of the national people’s Army of Vietnam supported by the forces of Vietcong guerrillas seized the presidential palace of Saigon. The puppet power of the South Vietnamese  Kollabos of the USA broke down, the Yankee ambassador left the city in shame, the Star-Spangled banner rolled like a floorcloth under his arm. 

The long battle for the national and social liberation of Vietnam, started at the dawn of the Twenties, was finally finished. The alliance of the communist Party and the Vietnamese nationalist movement had overcome, a small courageous people of peasant-soldiers had driven out the first imperialist power of the world. A humiliation which the Yankee imperialists will never forget.

 Vietnamese National-Communism   gave there to the people of the world, and singularly to the European Revolution, a lesson of courage and hope : YES AMERICA CAN BE OVERCOME !

Thirty years after the victory of the progressist communist forces led by Ho Chi Minh against the American imperialism,  the Vietnamese people still suffer from the innumerable after-effects of the odious chemical weapons used by the imperialist bands ready for anything, at the time, like today in other areas of the world, to destroy the nations which resist their domination. 

Here no repentance, no repairs.   What one grants so easily elsewhere is still disputed by the agressors three decades later, until in front of the USA courts. Where the Americans, chemical industry in the lead, refuse to compensate the Vietnamese victims of the famous orange agent.

And today, the USA again threaten Vietnam with their “Vietnam Human Rights Act”, whose economic sanctions are an instrument of war intended to destroy a political system opposed to the USA.

Decades of American negationnism, Western propaganda aiming at rewriting the history of the war by making pass the valorous communist combatants of the Indochinese peninsula for monsters, years of demonization, of xenophobia in the books, films and the speeches of the imperialists, however could not erase one of the greatest revolutionary victories. And did not prevent their historical fight from becoming an example for all the people confronted today with the terrorist strategies of Washington and its vassal of NATO.

The Vietnam war, through the lessons that all the revolutionary militants of the world can still draw from, did not finish however in Saigon in 1975, but continues its relentless march in the heart even of Europe thirty years later. The unity of Vietnam, the union of a people divided for a too long time by the Western imperialism, must be an example for Europe which the Americano-Zionist imperialist domination seeks to divide up and to dismantle. 

The Vietnamese people, by an ardour which symbolizes thousands of Valmy, by their sacrifices, their million victims assassinated by the Yankee roughneck soldiers who, in spite of their technological superiority, finished broken forever by the triumphing national-Communist revolution, show now the European people how they must treat the imperialist invader. 

And if the depleted uranium of Iraq and Yugoslavia has replaced the orange gas of Vietnam, the fatal strategy of imperialism is always the same one, except for a difference. The Vietnam war was lost because the international opinion as a whole was turned over against the American exactions, and developed from Washington a machine of media propaganda so powerful that it is capable to manipulate whole nations. The Western media, slaves of imperialism, prostitutes of capitalist domination, petty Kollabos for whom the celebrations to come in Vietnam inevitably imply some criticisms quite learned on the evolution of the regime, intentionally prevent the European people from opening the eyes on the modern colonialism of the United States.

We greet with all our heart the legitimate pride of Vietnamese Communism, but we do not forget that if the war over there stopped in 1975, it continued on our European ground when Washington declared the war on national-Communist Yugoslavia. And it extends today to the Middle East, where it strikes our Arab brothers.

The tens of thousands of American soldiers and the hundreds of thousands of imperialist Kollabos of South-Vietnam who lost their life facing  the untameable ardour of national and revolutionary Communism, must be as many signs of hope for each European progressist militant, in the West as in the  East. And Western imperialism, which triumphs now in the East, there where Nazism had been finally overcome, has too quickly forgotten the warning given by Ho Chi Minh and his liberated people to all those who want to reduce the world in slavery. 

The good hypocritical conscience of the United States, its cynical negationnism with respect to the methods used in Vietnam and, in general, to the American support for the reactionary dictatorships of many countries, masks new exactions perpetrated again on behalf of the “free world”, “capitalist democracy” and pseudo imperialist morals. 

The victory of National-Communism in Vietnam, linking narrowly national and social liberation, is the heritage of the European and international revolutionary militants. We must thwart the servile propaganda which, under cover of large democratic statements, is only used to divide Europe with the help of the nations of Kollabos, the famous “new Europe”new   like was that of the Third Reich –, whose submission to imperialism recalls that of South Vietnam during the war. Just as the Northern progressist forces have swept the Vietnamese reactionaries, the European people will free themselves only by definitively sweeping from the continent the reactionaries who betrayed the very whole Europe. 

Then we too will be able to celebrate a new defeat of the Western imperialists and to join our voice to that eternal of the Vietnamese combatants whose victory will have been only the brilliant beginning of an international liberation of  people and nations, the first of which will be a European continent, unitary, progressist and exemplary, rid of ethnic hatreds and capitalist domination.





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