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60 years ago, the Red Army freed Auschwitz. The Red Army and not the “allies”, as hammer it fallaciously our media at the orders of NATO, which want to associate the Anglo-Americans to the glorious epic of the Soviet soldiers.

Actually the Anglo-Saxons, however informed of the genocide, refused to help the Jews, to bombard the infrastructure of the camps. And even to let them enter into the United States.

The purpose of the presence of the Russian President Putin in Auschwitz was also to point out the role of the Soviet citizens, at the moment when breaks out the Western revisionism. “We pay homage to the courage of the Soviet soldiers of whom six hundred and thousand gave their life for the liberation of Poland, he stated. We will never forget the exorbitant price of 27 million human lives that Soviet Union paid for the Great Victory (…)

The first who saw the horrors of Auschwitz were Soviet soldiers. They extinguished forever the ovens of Auschwitz and other concentration camps, they freed Cracow. 600 000 Soviet soldiers left their lives here, they saved the Jewish people and much of others”.

We, National-Communists, heirs to the Russian and German National-bolchevism, can only greet this liberation. Ours wore in the Nazi prisons and camps the red triangle of the political deportees. And some, like our comrade Fritz Wolfheim, founder of  the “national communism” of Hamburg in 1919, disappeared in the night and the fog of Buchenwald, also the yellow star.

Before Auschwitz, before even Dachau and Buchenwald, as from January 30, 1933, there were the improvised camps of SA and SS, where  their adversaries were already tortured and executed. The first arrests were not those of Communists, but of national-Bolshevik militants of “Sozialistische Nation” and the “Gegner”, in whom the Nazis saw, with reason, their principal  adversary. It is in one of these camps that the national-Bolshevik leader Harro Schulze-Boysen, after being tortured and having attended the bestial assassination of one of his friends of the “Gegner”, started the way of Resistance which leads him to the leadership of  the “Arnack-Schulze Boysen group”, also known under the name of “Red Orchestra” and to  martyrdom in the Gestapo prisons in 1942.

The heroic epic of our German national-Bolshevik comrades in the Resistance and the Nazi camps is a bloody page of the history of our ideological camp. The liberally widespread blood of our predecessors was red like their ideology.

We do not forget either that Nazism was overcome only by the formidable effort of the USSR and the national-Bolshevik line imposed by Stalin. As recalled by the essayist Jean Daniel, in his “VOYAGE AU BOUT DE LA NATION” : “without  national-Bolshevism, no effective combat against national-Socialism”.

The Jews and the Tziganes were only one stage in the plan of Nazi domination, the “Drang nach Osten”, which provided for the extermination of 30 million Slavs between Oder and Moscow. The first victims of Auschwitz were Poles and Slavs. To break this Nazi dream, the Soviets lost 27 million of their people. The losses of the Anglo-Saxon allies are negligible compared with this bloody tribute.

The Nazi crimes should not either make forget, or worse, justify the Anglo-Saxon war crimes. There are not a balance or a ladder of the horror. The civil victims of Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima or Nagasaki are the inseparable companions of the disappeared from Auschwitz, Guernica, Rotterdam or Coventry.  

The Nazi crimes do not justify more the Zionist war crimes in occupied Palestine, since tens of Deyr Yassin – Palestinian Oradour – from 1948 until Sabra and Chatila. Let us meditate the words of Abdelwahab Badrakhane, leader-writer of the daily newspaper Al-hayat : “It is completely normal that UNO is interested in this event and commemorates it, for its importance in the history of humanity, not only Jewish. But the exploitation of the commemoration should not be used for Israel to bleach its blackness. Each time that Israel exploits the Holocaust, it attacks its memory, more especially as crimes against humanity could not be condemned while making some others (…) Israel believes, wrongly,  to be able to transform international solidarity with the Jews at the time of this sad anniversary into a solidarity with its crimes against the Palestinians…”  

Auschwitz is today the occasion of an immense recovery to the profit of Western propaganda, the USA and NATO, i.e. of those who today make still and always war crimes, from Yugoslavia to occupied Iraq.

Those even who dare speech in Auschwitz take part in the rehabilitation of the fascistic and anti-Semitic bands who took part yesterday in the genocide of the Jews in the Baltic States or in Ukraine. The former SS have their place in the world made in NATO!

In Riga, one celebrates each year the glory of the Latvian SS, with the complicity of the government which takes part in NATO and the European Union. And Soviet Resistance fighters there are persecuted. In Estonia, one inaugurates monuments to the glory of the Estonian SS. And the Estonian Army Cadet School, flagship of new NATO, inaugurated in 2000 in the presence of Generals of the Bundeswehr, bears the name of the commander of the Estonian SS Legion. 

In Ukraine, the bands of neofascist hooligans which form the framework of the movement  PORA, financed by Washington, and which allowed the crawling pro-Western coup d'etat of Yushenko, are the direct heirs of the Ukrainian anti-Semitic bands and of the Ukrainian SS. In the crowd gathered together through dollars to support Yushenko, one could see the flags of the Ukrainian SS Division flying and hear many anti-Semitic songs (1).

It is this revisionism, which does not shock obviously many people in the americanized West, that denounces Russia. “The participation of the President of the Russian Federation in these actions (commemorations of the 60th anniversary) has to raise the contribution that our country made in the victory over Nazism, victory which met the conditions necessary to a free development of contemporary civilization”, stated with RIA NOVOSTI a representative of the Kremlin. “Whereas certain circles try to re-examine the results of the Second World War and the merits related to it , that will be used to point out the intangibility of the known historical facts”, he added. “The appeal of the President of Russia to pay homage to the heroes of the war and their exploits will all the more have weight because it will be launched out in  Polish ground soaked with the blood of 600 000 Soviet soldiers who gave their life on behalf of its freedom”.

The commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz is the occasion of a gigantic imposture.

This one had been initiated since 2003 by Bush, who without shame paraded in Auschwitz, whereas the fortune of his family comes mainly from collaboration with the Third Reich and the economic exploitation of the Jewish prisoners of the Nazi camps.

This 27 January one also saw in Auschwitz, beyond shame, king Albert II of Belgium, whose family organized the genocide of the Congolese people in the years 1870-1900, before sharing the moral responsibility for the Rwandan genocide. His father, king Léopold III, in favour of the authoritative theories in 1930-45, shook hands with Hitler, who reserved to him a vassal state in Nazi Europe. 

All that in the deafening silence of self-proclaimed antifascist groups, of the style Ras l’front, Reflex, RésistanceS or Searchlight, which demonstrate again that they are only appendices of the Western apparatuses of state.

There are indeed apparently, for the ethic with variable geometry of the American-Western party, good and bad fascists. Our Atlantic journalists and politicians, so prompt to yell  “Fascism” against LE PEN and Haider, are quite silent when it is about the neofascists and neonazis of the xenophobic far right of the Baltic States, Belarus or Ukraine.

More ashamed even is the silence of the Jewish associations, that one either did not hear protest when Bush, grandson of Prescot Bush the financier of the Nazis, paraded in Auschwitz. “No association of survivors denounced the indecency of Mr. Bush coming to collect his thoughts in Auschwitz whereas part of the heritage which he received from his grandfather, Prescott Bush, comes precisely from the exploitation of a factory installed in Oswiecim and functioning while reducing in slavery the prisoners of the camp of Auschwitz (…) today, when the Bush administration is the principal ally of Sharon’s government, associations defending the memory of the victims of the Third Reich decided to close their eyes and to keep silent”, the QUOTIDIEN VOLTAIRE commented on.

However Jewish voices rose to denounce the Western and Zionist revisionism. Thus Juliette Broder, Resistance fighter and Jewish : “This commemoration leaves me a bitter taste (…) commemorating Auschwitz and the martyrdom of the babies, old men, men and women  born Jews, does that justify that one almost always conceals the martyrdom of the gypsies, of the Soviet prisoners of war and civilians who supplied the same crematoriums in company of the Jews? Another thing upsets me. Why commemorating the liberation of Auschwitz specifically and conceal that of the other camps of death ? In what the martyrs of Fascism and Nazism are different? In what the torturers are different ? (…) Why concealing that Jews did not deliver themselves as sheep to the Nazi slaughter-house but carried out the fight with not- Jewish Resistance fighters and armed partisans ? Not a word about that on TV, radio, in the press (…) There was resistance of Jews in all the occupied countries, organized in cooperation, close or amalgamated with Belgian, Dutch, French, Italian and German not-Jews etc. Resistance, whatever was the place where it was exerted was one, as are ones all those whom Fascism,  Nazism martyrised, exterminated for their opinions as for their origin. It is this memory which we must cultivate and which we must leave in heritage to the young people of today and of tomorrow”.

For this 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the USA was represented by Paul Wolfowitz, the ideologist and the leader of the Yankee neoconservatives. Wolfowitz’s family disappeared in Auschwitz. Its dead call the respect. And we would have found his presence legitimated on a purely private basis. But not as a representative of the Bush Régime, whose neoconservatives form the framework.

Because they are the result of narrow osmosis between the American conservative far-right and the Zionist and Israeli right and far-right (11). And many observers, inside even of the USA, and rightly, see in them the American-Zionist version of Fascism, “a Fascism with democratic face” (2).

Their ideology, we see it at work in particular in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. The leader-writer (American) of the PRAVDA.RU, Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, in remarks which we share and on which  there is nothing to add, drafts the way which leads from Auschwitz to Guantanamo (3) : “No one is founded to make fuss around Auschwitz, nor to benefit from it. As for Guantanamo, that should not exist either at our time. Before a rain of criticisms  falls down on the author, accompanied by attempts at hacking and messages of threat addressed by e-mail, let us stress that Auschwitz as well as the other concentration camps revealed the summits of depravity and  horror which the man is able to reach. Only those among us who visited such a camp can try to imagine incommensurable cruelty of what occurred there, the planned outburst of the cruelty which was exerted against innocent human beings, men, women and children without defense, from which the only crime was to have been born. Those who did not live similar experiment could not claim to be put at the place of the victims nor to have the idea of what they endured. Still today remains impregnated in the fog the stench which emerged from promiscuity in which were held  hundreds of human beings. Still today in the silence resound the complaints and the cries. Still today remains the memory of the incredulous and frightened glance of a six year old child who is about to be gassed as that of a three year old child not wanting to let go of the reassuring hand of his mother whereas they are separated. 

Today, sixty years after the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army, the injustice of men continues to prevail, which reaches incredible degrees for our time. The horrors perpetrated in the concentration camps of Abou Ghraib or Guantanamo are at the image of Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Treblinka or Dachau. Torturing, in the third millenium,  holding prisoners three years long, without any lawsuit, without any formal charge, with the contempt of the right to be defended, is that American justice ? Is that freedom, democracy and the human rights about which the United States keeps harping on ? Is that the civilization which one claims to make a model? Would the American citizens hardly be entitled to equitable lawsuits, which represents a basic right in any democratic country ? Are the American citizens at this point superior to the other human beings? Why the Bush regime  then tries hard to scorn the human dignity each time or almost when it acts? And how responsible citizens could they vote again for such a regime, which constitutes an insult addressed to the men who during the history underwent degrading treatments and a real regression in progress of human civilization ? Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney do not certainly belong to mankind, but to another world”.

This other world, is that of Americanism, a doctrine of worldwide domination, based on the conviction of a “specific destiny” – the “Manifest destiny” – which invites the USA to lead the world (4). The Nazis, convinced that “providence” dixit Hitler – made them the elected race, did not say anything other : “Today Germany, tomorrow the world”.  Americanism is the Nazism of the contemporary time. No more nor less.

One knows how the Hitlerian adventure finished, in the smoking and bloody ruins of Berlin. The USA has the distance, which ensures it the duration. But its colonialist and imperialist adventure will finish in the same way as that of the Third Reich.

That day, the dead of Auschwitz, like those of all the colonial wars and of all the genocides, will sleep finally in peace.




Notes and references :

(1) The basis of pro-Western activism mobilized behind Yushenko is the nationalist far-right, the nostalgics of the Ukrainian fascists of 1919-50. The GUARDIAN (London) revealed so that the pseudo “democrats” of PORA sing old anti-Semitic anthems of the years 20-40 ! 
For those who would still have doubts about the real nature, far-right, anti-Semitic and neofascist of the hooligans of PORA, here what says the reporter of the British daily newspaper SPECTATOR (November 6, 2004), John Laughland : “A few years ago, a friend of mine was sent to Kiev by the British government to teach Ukrainians about the Western democratic system. His pupils were young reformers from western Ukraine, affiliated to the Conservative party. When they produced a manifesto containing 15 pages of impenetrable waffle, he gently suggested boiling their electoral message down to one salient point. What was it, he wondered ? A moment of furrowed brows produced the lapidary and nonchalant reply, “To expel all Jews from our country”. It is in the west of Ukraine that support is strongest for the man who is being vigorously promoted by America as the country's next president: the former prime minister Viktor Yushenko. On a rainy Monday morning in Kiev, I met some young Yushenko supporters, druggy skinheads from Lvov. They belonged both to a Western-backed youth organisation, Pora, and also to Ukrainian National Self-Defence (Unso), a semi-paramilitary movement whose members enjoy posing for the cameras carrying rifles and wearing fatigues and balaclava helmets. Were nutters like this to be politically active in any country other than Ukraine or the Baltic states, there would be instant outcry in the US and British media; but in former Soviet republics, such bogus nationalism is considered anti-Russian and therefore democratic”.

(2) Read on this subject : Justin Raimondo, “Today's Conservatives Are Fascists”, (ANTIWAR.COM) BEHIND THE HEADLINES, January 3, 2005.
Excerpts : “The idea that today's conservatives are in any way defenders of individual liberty, the free market, and what Russell Kirk called "the permanent things", i.e., the sacred traditions that have accumulated over time to constitute the core of our Judeo-Christian culture, is no longer a defensible proposition. Instead, what used to be called the conservative movement has morphed, almost overnight, into a coterie of moral monsters, whose political program is one of unmitigated evil. (...) In any case, by this time the evidence for the malevolent transformation of the American Right is all around us – in the ravings of Fox News "commentators", in the sheer existence of Ann Coulter, in the usurpation of a formerly respectable political tendency by the greasy evasions of the "neo"-conservatives. This change is most starkly dramatized in three disturbing trends: Widespread support on the Right for internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, touting Michelle Malkin's shoddy-to-nonexistent scholarship, with the implication that we should be contemplating the same treatment for Americans of Arab descent, the justification of torture when utilized by the American military in the name of the "war on terrorism" by "conservative" legal theorists, and advocacy of a ruthlessly aggressive foreign policy of military expansionism, supposedly in order to spread "democracy" around the world (...) the totalitarian sickness is gnawing away at the very vitals of the American conservative movement. This cancer germinated as a result of the Right's lockstep support for the worldwide "war on terrorism," which they take to mean not just the ongoing conflict in Iraq, but a perpetual war for perpetual "peace". (...) It is the banner of a thoroughly degenerated and corrupt "conservatism" that is, in effect, fascism – a blueprint for totalitarianism erected in the name of fighting "terrorism". (...) Mussolini never got his thick mitts on nuclear weapons, and for that we ought to be grateful: but today's neocons do have access to nukes, via their sock puppet in the White House, and thus represent an imminent threat. They are not only waging an immoral and destructive war in Iraq – a war destructive of U.S. interests as well as Iraqi lives – but they are moving on new fronts, from Syria to Russia and the Caucasus, to start new conflicts. This is the main justification and motivating factor behind their political agenda: tyranny on the home front and blood-lust abroad (...) Surely "fascism with a 'democratic' face" sums up the Bushian "global democratic revolution" just as accurately and succinctly, although admittedly this fails to capture the full horror of what the "liberation" of Iraq actually entails. Perhaps "fascism with a democratic face – and bloodstained hands" is more precise”.

(3) Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, “Guantanamo, The United States' Auschwitz”, in PRAVDA.RU, January 25, 2005.

(4) On the justifications and the ideological bases of the American imperialism, read : 
Luc MICHEL, “AMERICAN IMPERIALISM - THEORIES : THE PEOPLES'ANSWER”, Lecture to “Youth Camp for Green, Peace and Alternative movements” (Germany, July 2001).



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