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NCP-Info of May 01, 2004


A new stage is reached towards Great Europe
that Jean Thiriart prophesied :



In March 1989, the Association of the alumni of Polytechnique, an influential French lobby, organized a conference on the topic “Europe in the XXIe century, myth or first world power”. First public demonstration of the rallying to the Europe-power of the elites in Europe. This conference is often presented as the birth of this key idea which sees in Europe the major actor of the world politics in the new century.

But it is inaccurate. Because the theorization of Europe as super power had already been stated by Jean Thiriart from the very start of the Sixties. 

In a prophetic book entitled “EUROPE, AN EMPIRE OF 400 MILLION PEOPLE”, Thiriart, in whom we see the “Marx” of the European Revolution, defined the conditions of the liberation and the unification of Nation-Europe and stated the conditions of its power : a minimal size of 400 million Europeans, a single currency, an integrated Army independent of NATO, geopolitical borders including the Mediterranean and the European East, a transnational executive. The whole implying the expulsion of the USA from Europe. The march of institutional Europe advances towards the progressive realization of the theses of Thiriart.

The thought of Jean Thiriart, who is one of the great theorists and geopoliticians of the XXth century (1), is completely occulted, suppressed in Western Europe and singularly in French-speaking Space. Whereas a number of his theses were abundantly plagiarized or followed, including on the highest levels. But in Russia, he is a recognized theorist, whose theses constitute one of the principal axes of the new “Eurasist” (2) thought, which inspires even part of Putin’s entourage (and which brought him more and more to be taxed with "national-Bolchevism"). And the Handbook of Geopolitics of the young Russian officers devotes to Thiriart  eulogistic pages.

Powerful visionary, Thiriart, who is the first theorist of our “European Communitarianism”, equipped our  transnational Organization, and singularly the PCN-NCP which embodies him politically since 1984, with an avant-garde ideology. We are right often well before the others. And our theses embody the future and modernity.

Thus between 1962 and the middle of the Eighties, we stated with several decades in advance all the topics which constitute the problems of the European unification today: 

- Europe as founding myth,
- the integration of Eastern Europe and Russia,
- as that of Turkey – which Thiriart did one of his key ideas – and North Africa
- the Euro-Mediterranean dialogue – recommended from the very start of the Sixties
- the Sahara as ultimate border of Europe to the South (3),
- the creation of the Army of Europe out of NATO,
- the question of the increased European citizenship,
- the debate on Europe as nation and super power,
- the creation of a European consciousness,

and still many other theses which make the topicality today.

These theses, stated several decades before the event, often earned Thiriart scornful smiles. Thus when Yannick Sauveur presented at the University of Paris his thesis on “Jean Thiriart and the European Communitarianism”, learned scornful professors spoke about Europe of 400 million people as of a “rational frenzy”. But the History proved the short-sighted professors wrong. This 1st May 2004, just four decades after the publication of Thiriart’s book, we are 400 million European citizens! And Europe which Thiriart prophesied is in march.

Because this is only one stage. From 1964, Thiriart announced that the borders of Europe in the East are on the river Ussuri and that Siberia – this European Far-East – would be the wedding present of Russia when it would be linked to Great Europe. This topic, incongruous in the middle of the Sixties, became banal with the advent of the “House Europe”. And between 1962 and the beginning of the Eighties, Thiriart was the first to advocate the integration of the people of the two shores of the Mediterranean in the European nation-State, organizing with the PCN in 1987 the first European campaign for the entry of Turkey in what was still the EEC. Topics now extreme, with the candidature of Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia to the European Union. Or the Euro-Mediterranean political project of Moammar Gaddafi which the Libyan guide yesterday has just reaffirmed in Brussels, giving, he, the Arab and African leader, a lesson of European patriotism to the political dwarves of the European and Belgian Parliaments.

Some short-sided minds – they are alas the most numerous and not only in the universities – will object to us that the extension of Europe to the East is made under the aegis of NATO and of the USA and that it worries – legitimately – Russia. But those are unaware of the History. Because they are often the occupants and the colonizers who carry out the national unity of the people  they occupy.

Modern History offers revealing examples of them to us : the French occupation under Napoleon prepared the German unity, the Austrians made it in the same way in Italy, the Italian colonialists and French in Libya. Or Anglo-Saxons in Iraq.

The same will apply to Europe, where the American occupant, who has soiled the European ground since 1944, ensures already our continental unity. Just as the EEC supported by Washington after 1947 is today an economic giant which makes commercial war to the USA, the European military pillar of NATO will inevitably lead to an independent European Army opposed to the hegemonic claims of Washington. Like so much of colonizers before them, the USA plays God. And forges its mortal enemy. The large continental market opened to the American firms changes years after years into a Europe-power ! And the dimension combined with the power inevitably determines a great policy.

With his theory of the “circulation of the elites”, the great sociologist Vilfredo Pareto   defines the conditions of the revolution : freeze of the political system (often coupled to a crisis of civilization) which prevents any renewal, constitution of a revolutionary “counter-elite”, swing of the “neutral elite” – civils servant, clerks of the State, soldiers, etc – towards the theses of the counter-elite. Added to it, the propagation of theses opposed to the dominating system  among the masses, which are gradually gained to new ideologies.

Europe of the incipient century offers to us good fields of application of the theories of Pareto. We attend indeed, whereas a crisis of civilization prevails, two capital phenomena, which highly worry our American occupants and the European political community which has been dependent for them for six decades (that of Quislings of Washington) :

- the rise of the European consciousness within the European neutral elites
- and the parallel rise of anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism – hence the current circus on the pseudo “resurgence of anti-semitism” in Europe, which rests only on media manipulation – among the European masses.

Two phenomena which go directly against the Atlantic and pro-American ideological positions of the European leading class.

The Americans, with their arrogance, are directly responsible for the European awareness of the many elites in the European administration, diplomatic and military circles, the executives of the large-scale industry. The incipient power of Europe in becoming makes this arrogance, and the share of constant humiliation which it is causing – remember the scornful remarks of Rumsfeld on the “old Europe” –, unbearable. While humiliating colonized people – and Europe is nothing more than the first colony of Washington – the colonizer forges his revolt.

The rise of anti-Americanism – and its corollary anti-Zionism, which is closely dependent from it within the Americano-Zionist Axis – among the European masses, in the East as in the West is also caused by the American policy of world domination. It prepares painful following days for the Yankee occupants.

When the European elites make their junction with the anti-American masses, the conditions will be met at the same time for the liberation of Europe, the expulsion of the USA from Europe and the Mediterranean and the advent of Great-Europe as a first world power. We are still far from it but this march of Europe towards its liberation will constitute the framework of our history in the next decades.

So to make this junction, a catalyst is needed. That which Thiriart – he again – announced in his book of 1964 : “The European revolutionary historical Party”, avant-garde of the European Revolution, acting minority – as was yesterday its direct predecessor, the Bolshevik Party, in Russia of the Years 1890-1917 –, decided to force the History.

And a great crisis will be needed, because real Europe, One, large and free, removed from the Yankee stain, will emerge only from an aggravation of the crisis of civilization which we undergo. Nietszche, this great European, prophesied that Europe will be done only on the brink of the abyss. We share his vision. The great revolutions require a tragic climate and not the ordinary tonality of our declining time.

The march of Europe towards its unification marks the stages which bring us closer to our continental liberation.

We are 475 million today. But we will be tomorrow a billion European citizens, united, strong and free : one State, one Nation and only one people from Vladivostok to Reykjavik and from Quebec – this outpost of “Europeanity” – to the Sahara. The great unitary and Communitarian Nation which Jean Thiriart prophesied !




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