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NCP-Info of December 02, 2002




The colonial war which the United States leads for more than a century against the Peoples of the world, that's  not only bombs and missiles of the US Air Forces or the overthrows of CIA and State Department.
It is also the cultural war - that led by Hollywood, Mc Donald's, Coca-cola and the other Yankee vomits - led to crush the cultures and the Peoples, and impose the consumerist nothingness of the Yankee anti-civilization, the "Mc World" . Because, for us, and as Spengler reminded it , the United States passed directly from barbarousness to "Civilization" - that of Hamburger - without knowing the culture.
The Yankee cultural war, which Mc Donald's is  the key symbol of , is similar, according to Steve Fuller, professor of sociology to Warwick's university, to "ideological war", "where people saw ordering to give up their traditional customs and to adopt those of the West".
Fuller qualifies "Macdonaldisation" a "cultural terrorism". George Ritzer, his colleague of the University of the Maryland, denounces in "The MacDonaldization of Society", the "obscene power" of the multinational company of  "bad- food" and his Hollywood accomplices.


The Americanization of the world is a cultural AIDS, as declares critic Margaret Wertheim, the Australian settled down in Los Angeles : "The American culture looks like a virus, in addition particularly pathogenic. In a lot of consideration, one could compare it with the HIV, the virus of  AIDS. This culture does not stop duplicating, and shows itself particularly skillful to live as a parasite (cause interference) on the machinery of production of his(her) hosts. If it is so difficult to overcome HIV, it is because it takes the control of the cellular functions of the infected body to produce new copies of itself, and reverts against its host its own immune systems. In the same way, American culture fast food restaurant, rock, television and cinema infect the cultural body of the other nations, living as a parasite (causing interference) on the local production capacities to reduce their efforts to simple forgeries (imitations). This process of viral replication repeats all over the world, the standards of the American popular culture suffocating (suppressing) the flora and the local fauna".
In "Why does the World hate America ?" Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies analyze the role of hamburgers and the other American menus "in the destruction of the cultural marks of the assaulted peoples : "The globalization steered by the United States tries to replace these marks by American cultural products. The tidal wave of this consumerist culture is capable of assimilating everything and of practicing on the peoples  enormous pressures so that they change their way of life, abandon all which gives a sense(direction) to their existence, get rid not only of their values but their identity, their relations, their affection in the History, in the places, in the ways to be and to act. The "obscene power" of the "hamburger culture" places the local cultures in a vice. The American multinational companies assure the promotion of their products by following a multiform strategy which appeals to rock, to television, to specially created styles, and allows it to occupy all the available cultural space".


Real terrorism is there ! It is American, strategic, and aims at the genocide of the cultures and the languages. Steve Fuller explains that "indeed to understand the influence of America on the rest of the world, it is necessary us to consider its cultural practices" as a "bioterrorism" : "First of all,  bioterrorism has no specific objective. One does not win a campaign of this kind ; one hopes simply that the distribution of the virus will disrupt(perturb) at most the aimed company. It can also create the conditions which will allow to reach a different purpose. Secondly, the bioterrorists are satisfied with launching the campaign ; the main part of the "war operations" is then the fact of the victims themselves, who become infected mutually during their daily interactions. In third place, as the campaign progresses, that these pathogenic effects harmonize in the others, it becomes virtually impossible to identify a single responsible agent, all the victims then having become collusive in this distribution. MCDONALD'S magnificently shows this kind of cultural terrorism. Consider the panel placed in front of each of its shops: "  Billions of  people served". And not  " fed " . From the point of view of  marketing, it is an extremely striking slogan. It indicates an objective which is not other than the simple proliferation of burgers, without any reference  in the reaction of those who  they are intended for. But, as we know it, this proliferation has a devastating effect on the biggest part of the planet - the autochthons are forced to adopt the practices of the American culture; their environment, physical or cultural, is struck. In fact, when they begin to behave as giants of the fast food, to become infected mutually with their attitudes and their behavior (obesity, cardiac problems, etc.), they expose still themselves more to the other American interventions. The time when the damages are really serious, a sufficient number of them will have benefited personally from these interventions so that it is difficult to reverse ".
"The" biologic terrorism " of the culture of the hamburger reduced the cultural geography of the world to a totalitarian American space, killing  languages,  architecture,  cinematographic industry,  television,  music and  art of the majority of countries ", concludes Sardar and Davies.


In the Yankee cultural war, Hollywood and its media by-products, as MTV, play a decisive role. And make directly the link with the classic war led by the Pentagon and the state Department, notably by assuring the propaganda and by preparing psychologically the masses for the American military attacks.
New James Bond, "Die another day", is the perfect illustration of it.
Having cultivated during four decades the anti-Soviet spirit of the Cold war, James Bond prepares this time the minds for a future aggression against the Democratic People's republic of Korea (DPRK), the finial of the "Axis of evil" according to Bush, and one of the targets indicated by the Yankee warmongering after Iraq.
Hollywood was made a speciality of the racist caricatures of the enemies of the United States. After the miserable Russian who had succeeded the miserable Soviet  or the Arab psychopath, stylistic figures declined in thousands of films of which James Bond, the Yankee cinema, blamed the "criminal Serb" (see "Behind Ennemy Lines") or the African one ("The fall of the black Falcon" on Somalia).
New James Bond faults this time a new enemy of America, promised to a certain future : the North Korean, physically and mentally degenerated psychopath .
An ignoble and racist caricature, that one considered up to here reserved for B series films to the weak admirers of Chuck Norris and other Rambos.


This attack intervenes as the DPRK appears in the agenda of the State Department.
Pyong-Yang, which wants to protect its socialist system and its national independence, leads a Gaullist policy of nuclear deterrence. The DPRK has also just replaced the Dollar by the Euro in its financial operations, dangerous and contagious example. All this is unbearable for Washington.
When one knows the narrow connections between Hollywood and the Pentagon and their collaboration without defect, there is no place at random.
"Die Another Day"  is also a war operation, which prepares psychologically the next Yankee aggression.
The obsessing clip of Madonna's song, which accompanies the launch of the last James Bond, conveys the same racist clichés and participates in the same operation.


The History reveals the Hollywood imposture. Because on the Korean peninsula, it is not the DPRK which threatens  peace and violates the right, but indeed the United States since the end of the 40s : massacre of South Korean civilians by the US ARMY, chemical and biologic war, accumulation of nuclear, massive weapons of destruction notably …
As far as Madonna's clip is concerned, it presents an execution to the electric chair by North Korean executioners in uniforms of the People's Army of the DPRK. Let us clarify that this mode of vile execution is unknown in North Korea. But widely used in the United States !
The answer to this operation of Yankee psychological warfare is simple :
Let us boycott "James Bond" and Madonna !
No Euro for the Yankee propaganda!
No new aggression against the  DPRK ! 
The cultural war should not make forget us the classic war. That where bombardments are not the fact of the cathodic torrent of Hollywood, but those of the bombers and the missiles of the US Air Forces and of the auxiliaries of NATO.
This war is the one that has stricken for 10 years the martyred people of Iraq. In Bagdad people do not accustom themselves to illusion and  get ready for the worst. The Ba' Th Party distribute to the people 600.000 rifles - remarkable confidence of the government of Saddam HUSSEIN - which Western media present as a "dictatorship reigning by the terror" (sic) - in the Iraqi masses. Who would here dare to distribute 1.000 rifles to the people of Paris, Brussels or Marseille ? With lucidity, "LE POINT" titles "Iraq, the Pre-war years" and announces that "the American military countdown has begun. The troops are positioned, the psychological pressure is ready to work, and the diplomatic machine under surveillance".
The Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, he, is in Washington "to coordinate the action of the United States and Israel against Iraq" clarifies  "REUTERS" .


The plans of Washington for Iraq are known : colonial activity(occupation), plunder of the oil reserves and organized by a pseudo- marionette government, by means of the locals, Kurds and Shiites war Lords (they are the fundamentalist Islamists Bush claims to fight …).
David L. Phillips, deputy director of  "Center for Preventive Action" of "Council on Foreign Relations" in New York and adviser at the State department of the United States, attends the "workgroup on the democratic principles of the Iraqi opposition" (sic).
He presents cynically in "NEW YORK TIMES" the solution for Iraq which he is finalizing : leaning on the local administration to put on the country, while dismantling the military and political frame of the Ba'th legitimate government. The whole financed by the exploitation of oil wells, under control of a force of US interposition.
One saw the results of a similar policy in Afghanistan : absence of reconstruction, famine, misery, anarchy, resumed by the production of drugs (eradicated by Talibans). Without speaking about the guerrilla warfare of Talibans which continues to strike the western forces, in a country where the United States, no more than the Russians yesterday, won the war, in spite of the thundering proclamations of the Pentagon.
One knows now that the State Department had to buy vulgarly the men of Massoud, the warlords of the "Alliance of the North", to allow Karzaï, the former Yankee employee of the multinational companies of petroleum, to reach a phantom like power, which rests (bases) only on armed Americans.
If there was at least a real opposition to Talibans to buy, the United States has in the case of Iraq to build for hundreds of million dollar  a  marionette opposition, which represents nothing more than the selfish and rapacious appetites of politicians alien to the Iraqi political life, holders of American or British passports. These Kollabos gilded  by the dollars of the political prostitution, the modern version of the thirty deniers of Judas, represents so little that even the Americanized Brussels politicians refused to welcome their last meeting.
The war of Bush's petroleum, operation of colonial plunder strictly bound to the Zionist colonial undertaking, found Kollabos which it deserved !
President of the PCN-NCP.
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